July 24, 2018
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But it is no reason to despair. We will explain what are search engines, how they work and why they are so important to position your website organically.


Let’s quote Wikepedia : ” A search engine, also known as a search engine, is a computer system that searches for files stored on web servers thanks to its” spider “(also called web spider) .”

In other words, a search engine is a system where you do your searches on a daily basis, place questions or a topic of interest. And in return the search engine shows you a list of results with web addresses that are related to your search. Maybe now you understand why the correct use of keywords on your website is so important .

Source: Google, Matt Cutts.

At this point you must be very clear without having to enter into technical aspects of programming language and codes how exactly search engines work (aspects that only programmers really understand).

To start imagine that each search engine (because there are many, we will mention some later) have the ability to index information on millions of websites and a huge variety of topics, to do so use programs known as spiders or robots, these search, locate, they analyze and classify the information, in this way they ensure that the content can be easily found by the users.


The relationship of search engines and web ranking is based on offering results that are as relevant as possible, but for this to happen, both websites and search engines must meet certain requirements.

On the side of the search engines the robots must review all the information on the websites and then classify it, and to avoid making mistakes the search engines have developed algorithms that help to review all web pages with the intention that the searches are accurate and no malicious or worthless content leaked; For example: you look for shirts in Hyderabad, you enter a page that says the best shoes in Hyderabad and when you check out products for the home appliances. This is precisely the algorithm of not indexing or displaying websites with malicious practices in SEO ( Black hat ).

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Now, if we analyze the panorama from the websites, well they are looking to position themselves on the first page of Google so they get more traffic and increase the chances of achieving conversions. But to position themselves organically in the search engines the websites must make use of SEO techniques , such as the use of keywords in the tags ( meta tags ) and contents, optimization of images, different descriptions in each of the pages of the website, link building, etc.


search engines

On the Internet there is an infinity of search engines and the use of them depends exclusively on the choice of the user, however, the king, is Google, but before talking about Google here a list of the most important search engines:

Note: Remember that there are many more search engines these are just some of the most important ones.

Returning to Google is the king of search engines we can tell you that it is the most used search engine on the planet, also one of the most strict in terms of how to rank websites and to achieve this it uses its algorithms, which perform functions particular:

Penguin (penguin): Is responsible for penalizing all web pages with spam, considering as spam text links to other pages with the keyword to position exact (not considered natural); links to a website in low quality sites; and excessive use of keywords in the content of a page.

Panda: Its objective is not to give importance to low quality content; if the content is not original and is not well structured for the web Google panda penalizes these websites.

Hummingbird (Hummingbird): This algorithm is more friendly than the previous two. The fast bird has the mission to make searches faster and more accurate. It’s responsible for offering more precise results a need for users who no longer look for words only if they do not Complete and very detailed sentences.

Yes, the algorithms make life easier for users but it also makes companies or businesses with a web presence go crazy for wanting to be # 1 in Google, if that is what you need, improve your web ranking contact us .


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