May 24, 2018


Content Curation plays a key role in social media. All businesses, blog owners, and content writers are on the same path to find the very best material for our customers, readers, or followers to enjoy and share with others. For businesses, content curation for social media is a crucial element of their marketing strategy. That’s because content curation allows the company to share higher quality content to their target audience and potential followers. This form of marketing is an excellent tool for small businesses who could use a boost in their sales or any company that could benefit from an innovative marketing strategy.


The Curation of Content involves scouring the Internet to discover trending stories and presenting the best in an organized and well-thought-out manner. The process is time-consuming as you must sort through countless pages of content, arranging them in order, and placing them on their social media pages or websites. The subject of the content should relate to a specific theme or rewritten so that it is before it’s published to the web.

Content Curation is very different from content marketing. With this method, you don’t have to create updated content revolving around your business. Instead, you look for the most popular topics online and create content relevant to your company around it. The concept is becoming a vital tactic for any marketing team that wishes to maintain their successful online presence. Plus,viral content marketingallows you to add more value to your brand’s customers, which is the best way to build long-lasting relationships with all your dedicated followers.

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There are several ways that you can use content curation on various social websites It can fit into your marketing efforts in multiple ways, which will all point back to your primary marketing strategy. Here are three ways to use curated content so that it will be beneficial to your business.

  1. Create Weekly Curated Blogs

Weekly blog posts often contain current information and important news that everyone is blogging about. Do your research on these topics and find those that are most relevant to your brand. This is helpful to your readers because they don’t have to search all over the Internet themselves to get the facts on current events.

Regardless of what your other blog content is about, once a week, you should create a blog using content curation focused on what’s going on in social media. Make each post eventually lead back to your business and how it relates to the situation.

  1. Send out Weekly Email Newsletters

Yes, email newsletters are still a popular way for companies to communicate with their target audience, especially if you make the content fresh and something that everyone wants to read. With your weekly newsletters, set them up in a comparable way as you do a blog post, by using content curation that connects your business with today’s trending topics.

  1. Share Your Content on Social Media

If you want to know the secret behind keeping your content relevant with your social media followers, the answer is curated content. This method will not only keep your current target audience interested but it will also help you gain more followers, which will eventually lead to better sales.

To be successful with this, you should follow the Social Media Rule of Thirds.


The rules for posting content curation blogs on social media are quite simple.

  • One-third of your social media content promotes your business, convinces readers to buy your product, and helps you generate profit.
  • Another one-third of your social media content should share ideas, unique stories and promote the insight of leaders in your industry.
  • And the final one-third of your social content should be based on personal interactions between your company and the customer, as well as include ways to build your brand’s reputation on the web.

Content Curation is another exceptional tool for online marketers that is starting to show up on more blogs and websites  used by businesses, large and small, in today’s corporate industry. By taking part in this form of marketing, it should that your company is confident enough in your own brand’s name to share content from other companies in your industry.

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