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IT’S TRUE, UNDERSTANDING HOW SEARCH ENGINES WORK CAN BE CONFUSING But it is no reason to despair. We will explain what are search engines, how they work and why they are so important to position your website organically. WHAT ARE SEARCH ENGINES? Let’s quote Wikepedia : ” A search engine, also known as a search engine, is a computer system

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Without a doubt, Digital Marketing is something that is here to stay. This discipline has become a priority for any business. Within your digital marketing strategy it is essential that you take into account an effective SEO strategy to achieve the best results. At DesignPlus we believe in the power to share our knowledge with others. Therefore, we set ourselves

SEO- SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Most likely, if you are reading this article, it is because you have heard about the benefits of SEO for your business and want to know more about how it works. If you have a company and want to increase your visibility online, generate more traffic to your website and have more conversions or sales, implement


  Content Curation plays a key role in social media. All businesses, blog owners, and content writers are on the same path to find the very best material for our customers, readers, or followers to enjoy and share with others. For businesses, content curation for social media is a crucial element of their marketing strategy. That’s because content curation allows the company to share higher