5 SEO techniques to be absolutely implemented for 2018

Update on the latest SEO trends that could quickly become a crutch essential to the rise of your SEO.

As everyone knows, SEO is today an indispensable step to the success of web companies. The only goal is to increase your traffic, so your customers can easily find you on the search engines. It is therefore obvious that the box referencing must in no case be ignored … unless, of course, to want to wipe a boring failure. That’s not the goal … is it?

The classic techniques of SEO have been applied for a long time and each novelty is, in general, effectively mastered by the specialized agencies. In general, it is also to them that companies turn to benefit from further expertise. But, in this article, we will especially focus on the latest SEO trends that, by their novelties, could quickly become a crutch essential to the rise of your SEO. And beware of conventional wisdom on SEO that could push you to make mistakes. So 2018 direction with the implementation of a new web marketing strategy to put the odds on your side. Let’s go !

1) Bet on long-running keywords !

The keywords, you have all heard about it in the field of SEO! But it is not enough to integrate keywords individually, even if the latter are absolutely relevant to your page.

The new trend? It’s about telling a story using these keywords. Yes, because remember that the keywords from the famous “long tail” are much more effective. Thus, the goal is not to use keywords added totally randomly but rather to tell a story and continue a linear sequence.

2) Do not forget artificial intelligence!

Artificial intelligence has invaded our lives by improving our daily lives and, most importantly, has opened the doors to a more accurate SEO (yes, yes!). So, certainly, improvements are still necessary before reaching perfection … and among them, humanize this intelligence by further developing its knowledge.

Yes, but in this little-known field, what place does SEO occupy from a general point of view? Because, you may not know it, but artificial intelligence influences the SEO! In fact, the real benefit of the latter is to achieve better analysis and better understanding of queries through automatic natural language processing (NLP). A significant advantage.

So create a line of keywords with a SENS. This is a sentence and the meaning of it as a whole is now treated and not just individual keywords having no common point. Do not forget that artificial intelligence reads images much better than traditional search engines … they have always had difficulty reading this type of support. The quality of the latter then becomes important.

Artificial intelligence, which will understand the context of your website, should therefore push you to write your content more clearly and, above all, for humans rather than search engines … some will not be happy but others will welcome this just decision.

So to face this market and enjoy all its benefits, do not forget to optimize your website on the mobile support. This is important to appeal to users who do not like sites without a mobile version. And that’s understandable: It’s slow, unpleasant, difficult to read and, above all, it’s absolutely not intuitive. However, no sale will be generated by an unpleasant website, especially when navigation is uncomfortable.
Believe us, if this is not already the case, 2018 will be the year of mobile optimization. At this time, you may have already lost enough customers by ignoring this information, so it’s time to turn the tide and “op-ti-mi-ser”!

3) Mobile SEO has taken over!

It’s official, in August, searches on smartphone have surpassed those of the computer in France. This information has been confirmed by the French branch of Google. This revelation was announced by Jalil Chikhi, from Google, through a statement.

4) A classic: the loading time of your site

It’s a classic that we will never repeat enough. So if your website is too slow, 2018 must be the year of change … for the greater good of your visitors! Remember that after 3 seconds of loading, you will lose a considerable part of Internet users who, impatient nature, will simply not insist. Besides, keep in mind that a user insists little. Now, needless to be a genius to guess that you need them, is not it?

If you really do your best to lighten your website but, despite your efforts, it is slow, you can always decide to use a specialized agency. The latter will efficiently optimize your website.

5) However, do not forget to apply some well-known rules.

Lighten the weight of your images by compressing them, reduce the dimensions and prefer the JPEG for your photos and the PNG for a logo for example. Compress JavaScript files (computer language for adding slideshows, etc.) and CS (style sheets containing information about the design of your website). In summary, the simpler your website is, the faster it will load. This does not mean that we should not add images, videos and animations but simply use them in moderation. Because if all your visitors leave your website before you even see it because it takes too long to load, your design efforts will be useless and your motivation will take a hit.

In conclusion, we can say that following these 5 steps for your 2018 strategy will allow you to achieve greater success in SEO. Do not leave out the novelties in terms of SEO allows you to not let you fall behind your competitors and stay at the forefront in this area. These 5 steps give you the necessary weapons to attack your SEO 2018 with more freshness.

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